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Mini Me

Mini Me

“Tell me a story!” It’s been my request since I was a little girl. I could never get enough stories out of anyone, so it’s not a wonder that I’ve begun telling stories of my own.

I started with comedy for the stage, web, and tv: the funny misadventures of 2 business partners with wacky ideas on how to make their millions, tales of sleepwalking women who get caught up in a crime they have no recollection of, a Wall Street powerhouse/commitment-phobe who leaves it all to find her zen, and 2 childhood friends who try to exploit the American public while conquering the new American dream. My stories have all featured headstrong, successful women making their mark on the world…until now. My newest venture is a dramatic film inspired by true events and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever written. It’s a new adventure. (You can become a part of it here.) 

I love writing about real life because we live it everyday. It’s relatable. But where’s the adventure? All of my stories stem from some version of my own reality, but they find a new path along the way that takes me places I’ve never been and that’s the exciting part. Then, as an actress, I breathe into a character, she comes alive on stage or screen, and she’s real. Somewhere in the world, that same person exists and she’s listening to my stories and smiling.

People always want a good story- it’s part of the human condition. We always want to relate on some level because it makes us feel like we are a part of something bigger and then we are a little less alone in the world. Storytelling is healing, whether it be through laughter or tears. I hope you will laugh and cry with me along the way because I’ve got plenty of stories in me to tell. After all, I’ve been collecting them since I was a little girl.

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The Change: Official Selection of the Tiny Film Festival

I’d love it if you’d take a moment to click below and vote The Change for the Viewer’s Choice Award in the Tiny Film Festival!

Thanks for your support!

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Everyone loves Girls Night Out, right?

Click to find out….
Boyfriend or Best Friend

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