The Whimsical World of Angela Cohen

Actualizing the Cartoonish Thoughts in my head


on November 17, 2015

Grace. I’ve been trying to live my life by the meaning of that word for the past 2 years. But no one has taught me more about living with Grace than my husband these past 2 days. Taking care of a sick parent will do that to you. It can kill you or it can define you. For Tom, I think it makes him the man he is. It makes him the human he is. It brings out the best in him. For others, maybe the worst.

I don’t know how he does it. Bathing, grooming, toileting his father round the clock. He’s an enigma, an example for the rest of us to follow. No one quite knows the pain and turmoil they will experience with the loss of a loved one but my husband knows it all to well. His mother already left him 7 years ago.

I search for Grace everyday. In the clouds, in the world, in meditation, in my writing, in church, in my mind, in my soul, I hope she’s there. Everyday I look, I get closer to finding her. Everyday I search, I find her in my own way. Some may never, some may question, but what I do know is I’ve found her in my husband and I’m grateful that she’s with me. That he’s with me. That God’s with us.


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