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The Importance of Breaks for Creativity

Being creative is exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing gift but we take it for granted, or should I say “her”. I’ve found it essential to integrate more me time into my days in order to have my creative being consistently producing. That can look like a lot of different things: meditation, relaxing in the sun, taking a walk with my chihuahua, or having a cappuccino & people watching, but these activities and non-actions have become essential for rejuvenation. Some may call this downtime, but for the ultra motivated, that terminology feels lazy. For a change in perspective, think of it as feeding your inner artist and she needs to eat daily.

Frequently, I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. I can pour emotion into creation for days, weeks, months even, but eventually become exhausted and uninspired because I feel drained as opposed to fulfilled. Burnout is common, so I’m very excited to share I’ve discovered a fantastic way to create lasting genius that feels much more effortless.

Treat your inner artist like a baby- a living, breathing being that needs nourishment to survive. She needs to be cared for, respected, and loved in order to grow, thrive, produce, inspire others, be playful, and serve you. When she’s neglected, she becomes sad, lonely, depressed, unfulfilled, angry, hungry, then tired. She needs to be fed to stay alive inside of you. If she dies, a part of you dies.

Give your inner artist a daily break, a weekly date, a monthly rejuvenation, and an annual reward. These can look like watching an inspiring movie at home, getting a relaxing mani/pedi, going to a fun musical, checking out the latest exhibit at the MET, or taking a long needed vacation. Your artist needs to be cared for even more than you care for yourself, and in turn, you’ll be accomplishing both. It’s all in your perspective.

I’d love to hear your favorite method of rejuvenation below.

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