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Are you confident or are you just in a relationship?

Confidence needs to come from you, not from the assurance of being in a relationship. I had a recent experience where an insecure girl managed to make me feel uncomfortable by simply projecting her insecurities onto to me and unfortunately, I let that energy in. When a friend said, “you’re married, why do you care what that girl thinks of you?” it became clear to me that people have misconceptions about where confidence and relationship expectations interconnect.

Often relationships can make you feel “whole”, filling a void that formerly existed, but eventually you can feel empty again if you are relying upon someone else to constantly fill your void. Being in a successful relationship requires each party to do the work necessary to make he/she individually “sound” before he/she can fully give of himself to the other. This requires loving yourself and in turn, it attracts others to you. Now don’t get me wrong, no one is 100% confident, no matter how strongly they portray themselves. Clearly, I felt small and insecure around someone whom I didn’t even know, yet most of the time, I’m a confident and happy individual. No one is perfect, and in fact, that word implies a false reality that, for people who try to achieve it, brings forth a constant feeling of failure and inadequacy. Self awareness, openness for change, and objectivity go a long way toward becoming more confident. Doing what you love, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and tapping into your “why” creates a level of security most people admire but will never understand. This is work that goes beyond a to do list and requires introspection, meditation for some, and a willingness to be alone with oneself for extended periods of time without distraction for most. It’s only when you do this can you be in touch with your inner self, the self most people don’t share with others. At least, that’s been my experience and I’d love to hear yours below.
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Mixology for lactards

I’m in Thailand and lactose intolerant. This works very well for me- they sell cold coffee soy lattes at 711! FYI many Asians are lactards, too. So if you’re a New Yorker, you miss egg creams, and you are lactose intolerant, follow this recipe.

Mix a cold soy latte with Coca Light, stir and enjoy! It’s like a milkshake and an egg cream all-in-one! And it’ll keep you up until sunrise 🙂 add vodka for an extra kick!

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