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Is the entertainment industry imploding?

I love the casting notices I’ve seen as of late. If you aren’t an actor, you are going to get a big kick out of the crazy shit that ends up in my email box on a daily basis. Example number 1.

Reality Show Casting- searching for….

THE LIFE – “the life” is an unscripted pilot that focuses on the lives of 20

something young people who are living life to the fullest. the cast love

to have fun, travel and are in various stages of launching their careers

and businesses. family wealth and entrepreneurial fortunes have given

these young people a unique lifestyle. a lifestyle few knew actually

existed. the series will follow the cast around the country and around

the globe as they set out on their individual career paths. they’ll be

connected by their love for new york city and their passion for

philanthropy. if your life fits the above profile, we would like to meet

with you.

*in a nutshell, it’s like throwing charity events meets parties in

cannes meets vacations in st. barth’s meets a quiet dinner for 20 of

your closest friends in ibiza…

OK, SERIOUSLY? I want that life, but without ending up as a complete asshole. I hate reality tv for many reasons, but I MIGHT want to watch that, which makes me very, very sad. I feel like I’m imploding (which also happened the one time I watched Honey Boo Boo).

Example #2- this is for an “independent” film

Co-Star Female / 25 to 30 / All Ethnicities Dark haired and pouty. Private school teacher with a naughty side. She is always the voice of reason and responsibility but she is tired of fulfilling that role. Role requires partial (but more implied) nudity. Dominatrix outfits. Kissing scenes. A dance background required, will work with choreographer on set. Must be comfortable with improvisation and comedy. Some stunt work (will work with stunt coordinator on set).

Ok, what part of this character breakdown doesn’t scream SOFT CORE PORN? Favorite key word: pouty. That’s like a realtor describing a NYC apartment as “cozy”. Yeah, we get it- f*ing small.

The worst of all coincides with a recent article from the Hollywood Reporter, via an interview with Spielberg and Lucas, refering to the implosion of film. Given the above, I’d say the DeathStar is hovering.

What do you think?Image


Need a Fantastic Band to make your wedding a BLAST?

I had the opportunity to work with Center Stage Orchestras at the Westchester Country Club last month and we brought down the house! In fact, the band was so popular they were double booked for the evening at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC. Amazing sounds, a variety of genres, and the newest hits rounded out a fun-filled evening. They even have their own coordinator to keep the evening on track and moving smoothly, which was pretty impressive, and I have to say, I loved doing it! Contact me for more info via my contact page and check out the website here. 

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My Favorite Pre-Workout Energy Boost!

Coffee Banana Frappe

MIX in a Blender:

  • 6-8 oz Soy milk or skim
  • 2/3 Frozen banana (or regular but frozen is more fun)
  • 1 instant Starbucks VIA
  • Ice
  • Agave to taste
It’s a great pick me up and also a super fast breakfast on the go! Let me know what you think!
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