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Meditation for non-meditators

Just wait for it! I promise to make sense.

Today, I meditated with more energy than I knew possibly could be poured into meditation. I was so excited to do it because it had been so long since I’d done it consistently that I had so much to think about! It almost overwhelmed me and once again I had to pull back for focus, like the lens of a new camera I’m just getting the hang of. (Costco pricing, of course) 

I’ve seen so much positive manifestation come out of my visualization exercises this summer that I hope I can motivate or inspire you to create this greatness for yourself as well. I took my first meeting with someone I truly admire in the entertainment industry and I booked a national commercial- without auditioning! I made more money in a summer as an actor than ever before, our traditionally slow time of year, and more interesting characters emerged in my life than I could ever expect to pop in! To top it off- I got engaged!!!!

I love Melanie Roche’s short meditation exercises for non-meditators. She has actor specific guided techniques and ones for the rest of you sane folk. You can check out her site here –

Let me know what great results you’ve experience along the way! Below is a recent photo of me, after meditation, a bit more sane 😉




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