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The Law of Attraction Strikes again!

One of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever booked came down the pipe last week. I shot a print campaign for Adcentris, a new cancer drug to treat Lymphoma. This is the first time my working world and love of philanthropy have collided and I’m looking to make it happen more often!

I was a team captain for the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2011 and our amazing group raised over $5000 toward a cure. It’s a wonderful thing, because although I’ve auditioned, it’s rare I’ve had the opportunity CHOOSE the most meaningful job and then learn something on set completely non-entertainment related. Adcentris has apparently saved lives of those struck with Lymphoma who’ve failed on multiple treatment modalities by attacking the cancer cells via the lysosome within the cell. (for those of you non-bio majors, Lysosomes are cellular organelles that contain acid hydrolase enzymes that break down waste materials and cellular debris) Digestion, if you will.

I lost a close friend to Leukemia as a child and my boyfriend’s mother suffered with Lymphoma for 20+ years before she passed. She developed other forms of cancer due to the radiation treatments that were available to her. Let’s change this! Our team will continue on this year in hopes of exceeding the $5000 we raised in 2011. If you’d like to contribute by walking alongside us or donating monetarily, click on the links below for more info. We hope to see you there! (I’m attracting you!)

Monetary Dontations here:

Walk with Us!

Thank you!




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