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This time of year can sometimes be the hardest time to motivate yourself to be active. You feel the sun and you want to relax- soak it in. You see people sitting outside of Dos Caminos with margaritas and you say to yourself, self, it’s time to party down with your friend, tequila. And so it happens! And you deserve it! Winter sucks! Cold weather is boring!

But all this self-fulfillment tends to fill up your waistband and my ass cheeks. What’s a girl to do besides invest a shit ton of money in Bliss Spa’s Fat Girl Slim? (and I mean use it; it’s amazing) Well, for starters, put down that margarita and start making some play dates with your rollerblades and head-gear. It’s super fun and you can laugh at all of the people laughing at you…because you are wearing head-gear. Just don’t expect lessons from me because I don’t know how to stop and after a makeout session with NYC asphalt, I decided to go bicycle. (You should have seen my face light up when it’s baby blue exterior magically appeared under my Christmas Tree with a big red bow on it. I wanted to give Santa Claus a hand job.)

After your play date with yourself, you can go on a date with some friends and if getting physical doesn’t suit their fancy, make sure your drinks ring in a 100 calories or less. A tip I love is cutting white wine with seltzer water. Half the calories, same amount of buzz! (bubbles, my friends) And you can order the cheap stuff so you aren’t breaking the bank, cuz who in their right mind would add ANYTHING to a NICE glass of wine. Please do not EVER tell me if you do this, as I may have to remove you of your privileges to consume libations. Seriously.

Finally, have I mentioned certain ab exercises can make a certain place in your (female) body feel a certain tingling glee? Ladies, listen up! You can now have PLEASURABLE workout sessions, all by yourself, and a certain gym friend called The Stimulator. (ok, I made that name up) Step 1. Find the thingy in the gym that looks like a chair without a seat. Step 2. Hoist yourself up onto your forearms, holding the handles and letting your feet dangle. Step 2. Lift your knees up to your chest and down repeatedly. Step 2. Alternate this with lifting both legs straight up, knees unbent Step 3. Feel the magic.

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Angela Cohen is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

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Angela WHO? Why marketing as an actor is as essential as having TALENT

Thanks so Alexa Johnson, who asked me to be a guest blogger for her website thus this article emerged…

As an actor, there are so many jobs and aspects of life we juggle, it’s amazing we get anything done in any one arena! There’s the J.O.B (or day job), which can consist of many, the endless job interviews (ie. auditions) for a job we actually WANT, marketing, staying fit, continuing education, becoming known by casting/writers/producers/directors, um, a social life, and of course, the ART itself! In this whirlwind of a task list, each category has a subcategory, and it can often be daunting to tackle seemingly unknown territories, such as ever emerging social media, a website, press releases for those coveted BOOKED jobs, etc. Nevertheless, having a fan base seems to be an essential element to solidifying network viability in this competitive job market, where movie stars are now owning real estate on your 32 inch flat screen every Wednesday night. Creating this fan base, however, requires time, patience, technical knowledge, quippy tweeting abilities, and LOTS of organization.

Think about how many people we come into contact with on a daily basis that are consumers of film, television, and theater. Cable watchers, ticket buyers, web foragers…let’s face it, most people would rather have water cooler talk about your awesome show than focus on their 9 to 5er, and that’s where we come in. If they want to watch US, we have a job. So staying on their radar and having your work accessible to viewers is essential whether utilizing a website, newsletter, monthly update to industry, or blog.

Where do you begin? Well, collecting all of your contact information is solid first step and getting it electronic is damn near vital. I don’t know about you, but I threw my Rolodex away long before I took the plastic off, and even as the most left-brained of actors, I am more of a “piler” than a “filer”. Career coaches, organizers, and techie’s, start salivating! You have more juicy meat to sink your canines into here than a Lion loose in downtown Beijing! (I think I saw an improv show based on that once) Oh, comedy.

Alexa Johnson, ie The Contact Maven, will grab up all those business cards and in one lion’s paw swipe, have all your info on your Macbook Pro by the time you can flirt your way through the geeks at the Genius bar. Come on, you know you’ve tried it.

Dallas Travers, a dynamic creative career coach, will arm you with the pre-arranged binders and scripts needed to get it all going from there! Weekly business bites, monthly guest speakers, and one-on-one troubleshooting round out her Thriving Artist’s Circle.

As for getting your reel together, I spun a web with IMovie and a few free classes at the Apple Store, but if you have an editor you love, feel free to leave their info below!


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