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College Reunion?

So I just printed my boarding pass and I’m geared up to spend a week in Thunderstorm ridden South Florida (damn you, Sojern). As I’m thinking about thinking about nothing for the next week, my mind is pouring over my past week in review. Table read for a new pilot, check. Philly and back in a day to audition for a new USA show, check. Pitch a screenplay to Cordelia, the awesomely laid back Brit from Belladonna Productions, check. Emory University pre-reunion, reunion in NY- WHAT?

Ok, so we usually don’t think much of these things other than “I wonder if Mike lost his hair and got a plug” or “I love open bar events and candied bacon hor deurves”. But when you go to Emory, you are not surrounded by the “usual” group of individuals. Let’s take the host for example. A wildly successful ’87 alum who when googled, reveals he’s amassed a sick little bundle building a killer entertainment strategy firm. Super chill dude, really cool artwork. Shout out, Patricoff. Yes, now we are on a last name basis.

An old friend, who’s just founded his second start-up, recently married, and being asked to keynote at fancy conferences. Not too shabby. (Shout out, Gaspar. You rock MY YouTube account, if no one elses)

An awesome Alumni coordinator who’s thoroughly excited about my endeavors and the first to offer names of other successful Emory alums with whom I should connect and conquer the world! I like him. He’s enthusiastic in a laid back, southern way.

So yeah, I’m proud of my alma mater and the badass people who give it a good name. Fly to Atlanta for the College reunion? Why not? Maybe I’ll meet La Papa. Il Pope? Not sure. I took Italian pass/fail.

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Can Anna Wintour Save Your Life?

Today I saw the suit jacket I recently donated to Dress for Success on a woman in the subway who was studying her resume. I know you are saying ‘”how in the world do u know it was yours?” Well, because this piece is VERY distinct. First of all it’s got shoulder pads, which I’m publicly admitting I actually wore. You may now start laughing as you picture this ridiculous image on my barely 5 ft 3 inch frame. You’re welcome.

It heralds a black and white plaid pattern with fringe on the wrists and a wintery material that could only be worn this late in spring by someone who does not have a lot of wardrobe options…or no seasonal fashion sense. I choose to go with the former theory.

How blessed am I to have had such options, so that I didn’t have to violate Anna Wintour‘s deathstar guide to NY acceptable dress? What a wonderful experience to see my White House/Black Market circa 2003 purchase doing good in the world! This chick ROCKED the shoulder beefers. She flaunted that wrist fringe. She made drunk subway dwelling men question those Hefty bags they lovingly adorn. Go forth and conquer that job, woman I don’t know! Save unemployment! Rid my backyard of occupiers who don’t pay ridiculous rent! (or any)

Who says fashion can’t save lives?

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