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My Chihuahua is a STAR

Today I posted the first of what I plan to be MANY videos of Charley the Chihuahua simply being amazing. This dog has the personality of Amy Poehler and charisma of Steve Carrell wrapped into a cute, 8 1/2 lb hairy package. He’s part Bambi, part bunny. He’s got the vert of Michael Jordan. He’s got the smarts, of well, me, and he’s also an aristocrat. See photo for id.


So as opposed to making this an ode to Charles Alowicious Lanaster the First, I will illustrate the power of not getting it perfect, just getting it DONE! I’ve been talking about starting Charley videos for about a year now. We’ve had dreams of creating Bat Boy Charley, Zoot Suit Charley, Charley’s Day Off, Sir Charles PI, and more, but haven’t quite put the dream into action. I’m currently writing, starring in, and producing my own web series and my significant other (not Charley) has been urging me to focus on my own career, as opposed to such minuscule things as Chihuahuas and Rainbows. But Oh! How I love my little Charley and all of the hilarious situations gets himself into. Like everyday how he leaps from couch to kitchen, catching air, his enormous ears blowing in the wind…OK, I digress.

So I decided to just do it! I didn’t edit it, make it fancy, add sexy music, or dress him in a top hat. I just hit record on my outdated IPhone 3gS and let him do his thing- make his magic. And I’m proud of it! I feel empowered. HE feels empowered. He told me so…and all on a mere Friday morning. If Maru the Cat can have 7 million views on YouTube and he’s a mere feline, so can Charley the Chihuahua.

Did I mention he’s a star?

Check out his debut here.

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Dear Pollen,

Thank you for infiltrating my apt, my dog, and my life. Without you, I wouldn’t have lovely dreams menacing snakes at night and wake up from them sneezing like a banchee. You, in fact, created the snakes and saved me from them all at the same time. You might be God and the Devil all in one. My new beautiful balcony is now a home to your family, and I was wondering if you’d like to begin paying rent? I could really use a contributor to my Allegra purchases…and a cleaning lady, since I’ve now lost 130 sq ft of my living space to your spawn and I’m thinking of RECLAIMING IT. Oh, Pollen! Does it really have to be this way? Wasn’t there a time when you were a beautiful sign of Spring and precursor to a joyous Summer? I tell you now, beware old friend. Home depot is right down the street and I WILL buy a hose and wash your family away. Don’t make me do it, Pollen. Don’t make me do it.

Yours Truly,

Itchy-eyed F(r)iend

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Manifesting what you want


I work with an amazing Career Coach by the name of Dallas Travers. She’s wonderful at lighting at fire under my ass and debunking limiting beliefs. Most recently, she suggested I tape auditions for roles I’d like to be brought in for and send them to Casting Directors with whom I have strong relationships.

In my search for the right role & script, I found a project I thought was a good fit. I worked on the sides, had them ready to work on in my on-camera acting class that week, and planned to tape and send off my audition. In the meantime, I reached out to be a reader at ABC that week and was simultaneously researching other roles to request auditions for. I came across one being cast by a CD who had called me in multiple times in the past, yet I hadn’t heard from in some time. I spoke to my accountability partner a about it a few times, wondering why this CD hadn’t called me in, and checked to see if she was getting my monthly newsletter. As it turned out, she had unsubscibed 7 months prior! I was immediately deflated, thinking she didn’t want to hear from me and had lost interest in me as an actor.

I sucked it up, pulled it together, and resolved to focus on my taped audition- something I did have control over. Wouldn’t you know, an hour before my acting class, I get a call from my manager with an audition from this very CD for a recurring role in a new pilot she was casting! Talk about a complete 180 from what I had been thinking!

Well, this goes to show how most of us take things too personally when we have NO idea what’s really going on with other people. AND, this brings me to the larger point of MANIFESTING what you want. The CD who called me in also happened to work for ABC in the past. And the script I had been working on to tape showed UP in the office at ABC as the very one I was to be reader for that day! (which had since been changed to a 38 y.o. woman of color, which as you can tell from my photo, I clearly am NOT).

The exciting news is, some things happen for a reason and others happen because you Make Them Happen…but at the end of the day, these all end up being the exact same thing. Manifest Destiny, my friends. It happened in the creation of America, the land of dreams that become realities, and it happens everyday for the people who BELIEVE they can make them happen. I’m happy to say, I’m one of those people. Are you?

I’d love to hear your story below!


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